Adnvtures of a dyslexic


dys·lex·i·a /dəsˈleksēə/ noun

  1. a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.

Symptoms include late talking, learning new words slowly, and a delay in learning to read.

People may experience: Cognitive: difficulty memorizing, difficulty spelling, or difficulty thinking and understanding Developmental: learning disability or speech delay in a child Also common: delayed reading ability, headache, or speech impairment

I am sure some of you have picked up on errors in my blog posts. No, I am not "dumb", uneducated, or sloppy.......I'm dyslexic.

I shared in earlier intro posts that I am the mom of special needs kids. I am dyslexic myself which should clear up how they're dyslexic too....

My uncle and mom have dyslexia diagnoses too so safe to say : IT'S GENETIC [BOOGIE WOOGIE WOOGIE]...(sing it to the melody of "the electric slide".) My uncle became an advanced placement / honor classes teacher and my mother became a nurse and lawyer, so do not be fooled....Dyslexics are extremely educated, we just see the words of the world differently than others.

Honestly, yes it does take a toll on my everyday life, especially in stressful or fast-paced situations but I push through. Talk-to-Text helps alot and so does editing programs / spell check settings. Read-out-loud options is what is helping me get through my college courses and audiobooks are my ride-or-die homies.

So, what exactly does dyslexia look like to me?

Dyslexia kinda looks like the J*ffery Epst e-Mails to be honest LOL.

SIDENOTE: When those e-Mails dropped dyslexics found themselves whispering “fuuuuuuuuuuhk” myself included lmao All the conspiracy theorists finna accuse dyslexics world wide of “tAlKiNg In CoDe” bc we spell shit wrong often!

***dark humor, calm down.***

So, what does dyslexia look like for me?

I will trype this sentince I willl leave it unedtied so you can see waht "normla " lloooks ilke to me.

I mix up my letters and numbers and I mix my letters up spelling things with mixed up or misplaced letters in the correct words. When writing on paper I often write "5" for "s", often my grocery list looks like alphabet soup to non-dyslexics. Math SUCKS for me. Reading and writing I atleast have programs that help me type , edit and read. Math I struggle the most with. Big up's to the folks who wait behind me in the ATM drive-thru who don't honk or rush me, you're real SAINTS.

NOT EVERY DYSLEXIC HAS THE SAME EXPERIENCE. Some people have more 'extreme' dyslexia, and some have less. Dyslexia has a number of different definitions and descriptions, but is generally defined as a learning difficulty that affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling. It effects each dyslexic differently.

My 2 oldest kids with dyslexia have different spectrum's of it. Dyslexia for my middle daughter effects her speech, memory, comprehension and math and reading but for my son it effects his spelling, reading and comprehension.

I am a mix of both.

I personally don't mind being dyslexic. I know my grammar, spelling and speech / "lack of vocabulary" pisses impatient people off and truly trigger "Grammar police"....and internet trolls ,English majors and self-proclaimed literature enthusiasts or whatever else title they can come up with.

I rather spell words wrong all my life than be such a judgmental fartface pie of a person to think you can crap on someone's hobbies because you are too impatient to take the time to educate yourself on learning differences .

I want to say thank you to all my readers / subscribers who are extremely understanding and truly love my passion for writing / blogging. You help me feel validated in the fact that dyslexia doesn't define me and doesn't limit my talents of wanting to express myself via blogging / writing.

And to those who had no ya know. Did you know I was dyslexic? Do you know anyone else with dyslexia? What would you like to share about your experience with dyslexia?

Comment below!

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