Allow me to introduce myself.

Well, now that my Instagram is officially retired and gone, it maybe best to "re-introduce" myself to those who follow along from Insta or any new friends!

Let's see, where do I begin?

I'm a lover , I'm a child, I'm a mother - I'm a sinner, I'm a saint. I mean I AM all those things but just kidding those are lyrics from a cult-classic bop from 1997 by Meredith Brooks.

All jokes aside, I am a 30 something years old Congenital heart defect survivor (CHD is a birth defect of the heart that effects 1 in 100 children worldwide.) and I have had 4 open heart surgeries thus far. I also am a Lupus SLE patient - evidently, there is a link between CHD and Lupus (and other autoimmune diseases.)

I have spent the last 5+ years on Instagram advocating and spreading awareness on my diagnoses. Along the way, I have met some really amazing CHD , Lupus and Autism Families & had ample public speaking and support group opportunities to expand my network of support nationally and internationally. I am FOREVER grateful for that my social media platform lead me to do but it was time for me to re-direct my focus else where.

I am a mom of 3 living kiddos. My oldest has Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and Anxiety, my middle has Developmental coordination disorder , ADHD, and Middle Child Syndrome (her case is mild to severe with a survival rate of 100% LOL) and my youngest one has CHD, thyroid issues, and some delays which we are monitoring and she's undergoing evals for Autism. - ALL THREE WERE BORN PREEMIES.

I myself have dyslexia and ADHD too - Lupus and CHD cause premature births, learning / developmental differences in patients and children of mother's with said illnesses. This is our normal .

Genetics are fun. - FUN FACT: Dark humor and sarcasm are my toxic coping mechanisms.

Some say I have a lot on my plate, I guess that's why God made me a thick chick huh? Watch out for the big girls aaaayye.

And THAT is just the tip of the iceberg of battles I have faced. But in time, I will slowly share more.

Through out all that life has thrown my way, I have learned that with building a serious relationship with God, clinging on to faith daily and (most importantly) in the most uncertain times, educating myself on every avenue of mine and/or my children's diagnoses (and investing in a really good coffee maker...) Life isn't all that rough or troublesome. "Life is what you make it." maybe an annoying saying but it's #FACTSBRO.

My goal of my website is to continue on my passion for advocacy, educating others and also reminding you all to embrace the "battle wounds" life dings you with because not a single soul that walks this earth has a perfect life (no matter how hard they try or what social media performance they put on.) those struggles are your reminder you are a badass, you will prevail and God has never abandoned you in those moments and never will, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE, there is ALOT of people that have walked a similar beaten path and came out a champ or are on their way to being a champ- My best advice is just be honest and open and you will find your "tribe"...

By the way, my name is Francesca........Frankie if you must.

Find us on Twitter @DeVitoandCrew_

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