An Open letter to my bully / stalker

I am sharing my open letter publicly to the biggest bully & stalker to ever effect my life.


Dear Lupus SLE,

You came into my life officially in 2016 after years of trying to figure out what exactly was happening to my body.

You robbed me of babies I never got to meet - 15 miscarriages total due to you. You robbed me from being in my sister's wedding and made me miss my other family members weddings completely.

You've caused me to have kidney issues, liver issues, infertility issues, physical illness, & surgeries that I would never have if you never came into my life.

You have robbed me from my career path, you have caused my youngest child to have a congenital heart defect which blocked her blood flow.

You have attempted to effect my physical abilities as a mother and wife.

You go away and re-emerge like a thief in the night. You try to steal my sunshine with clouds of doubt and depression.

You took my hair, my clear skin and replaced it with a bald head and butterfly rash.

You've forced me on to medications that cause me to have serious weight gain no matter how much I exercise and "eat right"...


You do not own me. I am not your victim. I am taking back my life. I have lupus, lupus will NOT have me!

I embrace the battles you brought upon me. It exposed my deepest strengths, exposed what is most important to me in life, which people genuinely care and are there for me, you exposed a level of empathy, compassion and passion to help people I didn't think I was able to successfully express or use to show others they aren't alone. You may delay some of my goals but you will not halt them & prevent them from being achieved.

You may win on somedays but those little battles will not define the out come of my war with you....I WILL WIN. ALWAYS.


  • Learn how to tell that a flare is coming, trust your intuition and know your body.

  • See your doctors regularly.

  • Reduce stress by setting realistic goals for yourself.

  • Get enough sleep and rest.

  • Exercise moderately ***with your doctor’s approval and when you’re feeling up to it.

  • Build a support system made up of people you trust and can go to for help.

  • Choose healthy foods most of the time:

Go from red meat to healthy, fatty fish. Being high in fat, red meat is not the best type of protein to eat, as it can lead to heart disease.

Avoid Keto diet as alot of the food flares up Lupus SLE due to effecting your liver

Eat foods rich in calcium. ...

Eat less trans fats and processed foods. ...

Try not to eat garlic and alfalfa.

Skip the liquor, it'll flare you up badly.

Avoid salt.

  • Avoid the sun, it's not your friend.....Limit the time you spend in the sun and in fluorescent and halogen light. Even being mixed with Caribbean, I have to use SPF 100 and use sunhats to protect myself from flaring up.

***Despite your best efforts to follow your treatment plan and take good care of yourself, you may have times when your lupus symptoms are worse. Talk to your doctor or nurse about ways to relieve symptoms when this happens.

We are only human and we need to go easy on ourselves & be honest when we just feel like crap.

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