Anything you can do, I already did it.

Can we get down to the real nitty gritty of competing with each other?!

I think there is a fine line between being competitive and obsessive.

My two oldest kids ALWAYS seem to fight these days. MAYBE it's the age gap, maybe it's the fact we are doing e-Learning and they're sick of each other lol, or maybe it's because it is totally normal for siblings to throw digs at each other.

My oldest is about to be 13 and my middle is nearly 8 - they both are perfectionists and always go head to head. Examples : My oldest does dishwasher , middle has to mop & vacuum to show she did more!

Personally, the chores and cleaning competitions are my favorite because who the hell wouldn't love their kid's fights to be about who vacuums better while they go head to head cleaning every room's floor in the house ? LOL!

But when does competition because an obsession?

I have had to set healthy boundaries between my older two. Being special needs, they take things very literally and personally. I do not want them to grow resenting each other. I explain that they're each kick-ass people and they each have a specialty about them.

Take for example my oldest - that kid is a tech wizard and one creative comic book creator who can tell you historical information on most Nintendo games created even before he was born. He's a hopeless romantic and always focuses on the good in people's hearts even his own bullies! Seriously, this boy has sat and said "Mommy, maybe they're mean because they just want love and attention because they don't have a good life." Wise words kid.

My middle one is my performing arts / starving artist /gypsie soul with a passion to fight for the weak or disadvantaged- she's extremely emotional / sensitive but uses singing, dance and art to express herself poetically and shes extremely empathetic to others and animals and wants to travel to every place it snows in the world but she's feisty ready to battle head to head for her brother and little sister or anyone who can't defend their-self if anyone "tries to get tough". LOL

None of them are the same. And that's what makes them so beautiful.

I think we as parents / adults can learn so much from children. They remind us, we are all created differently on purpose. I personally believe it's because we are supposed to learn from each other & see things from different perspectives and grown into better people from it.

I watch my kids growing to these amazing people and learn so much and I am reminded of so much too.

***What is something you have learned from you kids?

What are somethings you need to remind them and yourself about when it comes to arguing or go toe to toe competing with others?

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