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With COVID-19 / Corona-virus really taking a toll on most American family's income and budget, I thought I would share my extremely budget friendly at home classroom set up's I made for each of my kids in separate rooms in the house.

I am not a homeschooling parent, we went with e-Learning out of the 4 options given to us via public school, where my kids will do live classrooms via online with their teachers, they still see their friends, get breaks, take PE, get their special education services all while they're able to socialize and get an hour lunch break all from the safety of our home. I feel it was the best fit for our family's dynamic / needs vs sending them into brick and mortar building learning until numbers significantly decrease in our area.

I worked with what furniture we had around the house our in the garage to not spend more than needed. But Goodwill (or any other charity thrift store), usually has some amazing finds on some really good quality furniture you can clean up to your liking.

Hopefully my kids' new "desks" spark some creative ideas for you all trying to figure out how to get a desk on a dime. I also bought supplies from Dollar Tree and Walmart. I am a firm believer in "work with what you got!".


My oldest is in Junior high school and having Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and Dyslexia he needs a sensory sanctuary. I turned our old TV stand into his desk.

My middle is in elementary school. She has dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and Developmental coordination disorder., she needs a very peaceful . calming and quiet setting. I turned our old wine rack / dinning room hutch into her desk.

My youngest is in pre-school / head-start. She has suspected autism spectrum (waiting on evals) , speech delays, physical delays (due to being premature) and congenital heart defects. She needs a stimulating space with lots of room for physical and occupational therapies, imaginary play and visual charts to engage speech. I turned our dining room into her area.

Let's start with oldest's learning space:

Literary signs from Dollar Tree, they both came in one pack for $1 for both.

Sight Words from : Dollar Tree

Organizers on desk : Dollar Tree

Labels for Organizers: Dollar Tree

Map: Walmart $2

Chair : One of our extra Dining room chairs I bought at a garage sale

Desk : Our old TV stand

Door sign : Dollar tree (dry erase marker included with sign!)

Laptop : Free & being leased by public school district

He re-organized it to his liking / his needs of functionality

Next up, Middle child’s learning area:

Alphabet chart from Dollar Tree

Inspirational Quote on Hot pink Glitter sign from : Claires, it was mine as a teenager. I had it in the garage!

Organizers on desk : Dollar Tree , Yes, even the little bins with quotes and unicorn!!

Labels for Organizers: Dollar Tree

Chair : One of our extra Dining room chairs I bought at a garage sale

Desk : Our old wine rack / hutch. We removed the wine holder so she can sit without hitting her legs!

Blankets : Had in linen closet : She sits better with soft settings with her ADHD.

Laptop : Free & being leased by public school district

↓↓↓BEFORE ↓↓↓:

Turned our old wine rack / hutch into her desk

Due to not having solid shelves, I used a box I had from bulk diapers and painted it with chalk paint to blend a bit better. It holds up her books and bins perfectly


And lastly but not the bit least, youngest‘s learning area:

So, little one's area was the most expensive all 3 of the kids "classrooms". But the older ones can use some of the items too so I figured I got alot of bang for my buck.

I did hit the jackpot with clearance via but alot of the items are no longer on sale now. I did however find alot of similar toys including the play kitchen at my local Once Upon of Child second-hand store for $20-$50! So always check them out if you have one in your area because they have some really amazing finds for extremely gently used or never used items for 20%-90% off retail price. Most of my kids' clothing, furniture and toys all were bought at Once Upon a Child in multiple different areas / states. I love that store!

It took me a month to slowly get all of her stuff together due to budget and price comparing. I am kicking myself I didn't get the kitchen for cheaper after seeing them at Once Upon a Child but I still got it for a reasonable price for a brand knew one.

Alphabet & Number charts from : Dollar Tree , two in one pack for $1 (50¢ each)

Step 2 Play Kitchen: $50 (original price was $64.99)

Tee-pee / Sensory Tent: $19.99 (originally $34.99)

Ballpit: $16.97 (originally $22.91) balls NOT included!

Balls for ballpit : $9.97 each. Each pack came with 100. ***It took 4 packs to fill it to a reasonable height for her size.

Little Tikes toybox : Hand-me-down (free)

Shopping cart : Donated from the Children's Hospital (we got it 5 years ago when middle one was staying for neurological testing and monitoring.)

***Rug is moved from from the living-room, I got it at Walmart 3 years ago.

I use our dining room table for her arts and crafts lessons / coloring.

Arts and crafts done at our dining room table.

I didn't need nor want to break the bank to build my budget friendly e-Learning spots for each one of my children put together around their own individual needs. It may not be Pinterest or Instagram showroom "worthy" but it works for us!

How did you put together your e-Learning areas for your kids? Have any other creative ideas and ways....Please feel free to comment them below!

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