Don't be a beach.....

I may not enjoy summer, actually- I LOATHE IT. And living here it's summer 24/7. BARF of the things I DO LOVE about this place is that I live right on the beach. I am no more than 5 minutes to the local county beaches and 10 minutes to the state park beaches.

They're beautiful.

With COVID-19, it is hard to find places locally to go to safely, but the beach and nature trails have been our safe haven and our local escape from all the noise.

It's almost always empty, and this last time we went, the coast guard was out with divers studying how hurricanes effect the sea life. It was pretty dope to experience and see.

The kids got to swim and collect seashells, and kids. No worrying about masks, social distancing and coronavirus. Just life as normal pre-COVID AND we did it safely because nobody was around. It was perfection!

It was a glimmer of hope for us to be honest. We typically try to spend a good chunk of our days at the beaches and most of summers in the New York City area but like almost everything else in the world right now - those plans were halted. And not being able to travel around freely and safely really put a cloud on our parade these last few weeks.

But, from all the uproar that COVID has caused to daily life- it opened up our minds to see why so many people come to this area to vacation or have a weekend getaway. I will never love Florida the way I love my homestate, but I have to give credit where it is due.

The schools maybe some of the worst in the country and "Florida Man" stories are never ending, but when you put all the stereotypes aside, Florida has some really amazing beaches, campgrounds, fresh water lakes and nature preservation to offer.

Life is only as awful as you portray it to be, theres alot to complain about but there is so much more to be thankful for. Don't be a beach and enjoy the blessings you have locally.

Where are some of you favorite place to safely escape the COVID chaos ?

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