Get a new hobby!

I know alot of us have picked up new hobbies during COVID-19 lockdowns.

I personally write and draw a lot more, but the one thing I would LOVE is start a barrel garden.

We do not have a backyard, so I have been researching bin gardening, where you use storage bins / containers to garden. It's perfect for city living / apartment living or if you local soil isn't meant to have certain veggies and fruit.

Pinterest and Youtube have been significantly educational on the topic :

Here in my region, the soil is meant for citrus fruits like lemon trees, orange trees, and such. NOT THE BEST SOIL OR CLIMATE FOR CORN, APPLES AND MOST HERBS / SPICES.

I am curious , how many of you all have taken up gardening as a hobby?

-How is it going?

-What are you growing?

Another cool benefit to bin gardens is it can be used as sensory play for autistic kiddos.

Another mommy blog posted some ideas:

I am excited for my new adventure of gardening, I figure if I can keep little humans alive, how hard can a plant be? LOL

Comment below some of your new lockdown hobbies!

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