July’in poolside

We are living the dream.....We have pool.....


It's a kiddie wading pool lol BUT IT'S A POOL!

A "Banzai JR Splish Splash Water Park Kiddie Play Pool Kids 18 mos + " to be exact. I got it in-store at Walmart for $15. *** I am NOT sponsored nor was it gifted, I paid for it with my own money.

Mase is too big for it but it does the job. We live in a condo with NO backyard - just a patio. The condo DOES have a pool and clubhouse but with COVID-19 cases skyrocketing here, I do not feel safe utilizing public pools or splash pads and respectfully so.

We are making the best of the situation at hand, and my survival rule is: Let kids be kids. No need to scare them or damper their summer break. They think the pool is so fun and it keeps them cooled off in this gross Sticky Southern Swamp Summer heat and get fresh air and exercise SAFELY.

I may invest in a bigger one that fits but with no garden hose access , I am limited to filling up pots and pans of water and carrying each individually until the pool is full enough......this little pool take about 20 trips lol.....sooo a bigger pool, means bigger water volume LOL - but I am sure it will be worth it!

Here's to not breaking the bank or my kids hearts this summer break!

How are you enjoying a very COVID summer safely?

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