New adventures.

I have had my Instagram since 2015 / 2016.

I started it to raise awareness on heart defects long before I would become the mother of a heart defect child. It turned into SO much more than I could have ever imagined! Autism, Lupus SLE, infertility, and other topics dear to my heart were highlighted on my account in hopes to educate others, show many they weren't alone in their journey and to be fearlessly their authentic self! Nearly 8 thousand followers and 5+ years later, I was called to a new adventure in life, that DIDN'T INVOLVE SOCIAL MEDIA.

2020 has been the year of recognition for me.

I recognize how I no longer needed such a large following on social media.

Back in March before COVID-19 hit, I shut my DeVitoandCrew Instagram account down because of a new venture.

After the mass chaos and confusion hit due to the pandemic, I was asked by many parents to come back and help special needs & CHD families for guidance on free resources and lesson until virtual online learning was set up by school districts. It was a very successful campaign, I had many teachers, legal aid volunteers, and speech pathologists, occupational & physical therapists nationwide to help me put together free links, packets / printouts, videos and other resources to get families by in the midst of the unknown.

I feel like my last moments on Instagram helped so many one last time & I am thankful God picked me to do it.

After losing multiple loved ones to COVID-19 and most recently my grandmother to her own health battle (not COVID-19 related), I just exhausted all my energy on helping others and burned myself out.

After deep prayer, God had revealed, I was needed in other avenues in life.

I am happily off Instagram after permanently removing my account. With 0 intentions of coming back.

I have been blessed with new amazing opportunities in my life and I pass the torch to the next generation 🖤

Instagram brought my family and me so many amazing opportunities but after nearly 6 years, it’s time for God’s next plan for us.

I am so honored to have fought for and along other CHD and autism families and pray they stay connected to each other.

Everyone has that moment in their lives when God says ”Your job here is done, on to the next phase.” and I can not wait to see what this new job & blessings bring.

Yes, I will still be active on and I have 0 intentions of getting rid of my website.

To see OLD posts, you will need to be a website subscriber to my blog & will be e-mailed a an *EXCLUSIVE* password to access old posts and more personal entries!

Be safe, be kind, stay healthy and be blessed <3


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