Something old, something new.......

No this isn't a wedding planning post lol

My last post I asked to share some fun new hobbies since quarantine / lock-downs and one of my good friends messaged me that she's been re-furbishing her home and furniture!

I love crafting but Maggie gave me the boost of encouragement to expand my horizons with my skills.

I made two new signs for the bathroom and laundry room and re-furbished my daughters' nightstand.

Let's start with the my girls night stand:

I bought it at goodwill for $5 , it had weird flower wallpaper on it. I couldn’t remove it all off and ended up having to paint over the pieces that wouldn’t come off.

My middle daughter asked to make it an “ocean” color - we ended up deeming it “distressed seafoam blue” lol!

I couldn't get all the flower wallpaper off and middle daughter asked me to keep it on the side of the doors so we kept them. To be honest, I think she felt bad I couldn't get it removed LOL!

<- A very accurate re-enactment of my middle child watching me attempt to remove awkward flower wallpaper from their nightstand and telling me "Just keep it mommy, it's pretty."

wall signs :


I made these two signs with Dollar Tree crafting supplies.

I used DT wall decals :

"Wash your hands and say your Prayers, beause Jesus and Germs are EVERYWHERE"

and I used mutiple different laundry room themed decals from DT too.

I found some old wood pallet boards at Walmart for under $5 and chalk-paint also at Walmart.

All together the signs & re-vamping the night stand cost me $30 bucks total vs $40 for one sign at HomeGoods. Not bad for a tight budget if I personally say so myself !

What fun ideas have you been wanting to create?! Comment below!

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