You're a f%cking weirdo

weird·o /ˈwirdō/


  1. a person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric.

Welp, guess I am a weirdo as per proper definition.

but we knew that already, right?

All my life, childhood especially, I was called a weirdo, strange, odd, crazy, a kook, and my all time favorite : a ding-a-ling wackjob.

But since hitting my 30s, I have truly embraced my oddity of a personality. I am not crazy or a kook.

I'm eccentric, I am a misfit for sure. Probably on the autism spectrum if I am being 100%.

Looking back at my childhood and teenage life, I am a hybrid of my 2 older children - my oldest has autism, adhd and dyslexia and my middle has adhd , anxiety and dyslexia.

It took a while to love me. Maybe I am a wackadoo. But In the book of Psalms, David writes in chapter 139 verses 13 and 14: “for it was You who created my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I will praise You because I have been fearfully and wonderfully made

God makes no mistakes. He made me who I am with purpose.

About a week ago [Bobby Shmurder voice] I made a new Instagram account, where I can be my genuine self without being limited to contractual obligations as an advocate and social media "influencer" [I cringe that I was even considered an IG influencer at one point by companies who paid me to post their products- eeeeek] .

I can post what I want, what I like, and share my hobbies like crafting, art, photography, gardening & show who I am as a person not an advocate / career title. No stories about my lupus or CHD - Gone are the days I was an open book. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful God allowed me to help others with my testimony but that chapter has long been shut in my book and that's okay.

I know, I know - "Didn't she say she would never go back to Instagram?!" But yano what, starting fresh, only allowing people who genuinely want to follow me - add my page to their feeds, has protected my peace and helped me filter out the noise that social media can deafen us with.

It also has allowed me to be fearfully myself like never before with no judgement.

No longer am I lonely due to feeling like I don't belong anywhere.....

I’m turning 33 this year and have really fell Inlove with the woman I’ve grown to be - embracing my social awkwardness, introverted personality & society's “weirdo” label.

I love who God made me to be. I love that starting new, not just on social media, but in life as a whole has removed the toxicity that often times social media can bring out and protect my peace by surrounding myself with those who truly love me and want to see what me and my kids have been up to out of genuine care for us.

If who I am makes you uncomfortable, ask God why.

Is it because I am comfortable with my flaws?

Is it because you don't love yourself the way God loves you?

God never called on the "normal" folks, read the bible and you will see it was always the weirdos / misfits / outcasts that society deemed unable or unworthy that God called to do His work.

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